A Midsummer Night’s Date or Trope Natt på Mosseporten

Paul accused me tonight of having to do something or see someone every night while we are in Norway. I deny that accusation. In the just over two weeks that we have been here, there have been several days when we didn’t do anything at all. But seriously folks, we are only going to be in Norway for about 7 weeks (two weeks we are in Czech or Poland), and I don’t want to waste any of those days! So, I thought tonight, it being Midsummer’s Day and all, we should go out and do something. Being on a rather spartan budget, my idea consisted of taking a city bus to the indoor shopping mall on the outskirts of town (Mosseporten), walking around, maybe getting an ice cream cone (Softis–soft-serve ice cream for 10 NOK each [$1.25]), and returning using the transfer bus ticket so we wouldn’t have to pay double. Bus rides are not cheap here–they are 40 NOK or $5 per ride.

After our dinner of chicken salad on large cheese-topped round buns (they were out of the croissants when I went to the market today-drat!) and sliced raw veggies with dipping sauce (and, while I am on the subject, can I just say that even that simple meal took a long time because I had to look up the recipes for both the dipping sauce and the chicken salad dressing and prepare both from scratch. Thank you.), we took our umbrellas and walked the 50 meters or so to the bus stop. I cannot tell you how convenient it is having a bus stop so close to home.

As soon as we walked into Mosseporten, it was obvious that there was something special going on. There was a booth giving out cut up pineapple and watermelon! And they were also giving out different kinds of juices! And they were also giving out popcorn! For free! Our little date night just got better! Right next to this free food booth, there was photo booth all set up with a tropical backdrop and props and a gal available to take your picture! And give you picture bookmarks. For free! Of course we availed ourselves to all they offered and expressed our gratitude. Why was all this going on, you may ask? Apparently, today, and today only, was “Trope Natt” at the Mosseporten–Tropical Night because of today being the first day of summer, June 21st. So, there were decorations all over the mall. In every store, hanging from the ceiling, as well as another free food booth at the other end of the mall–and this one was also giving away cotton candy.  There was a face-painting booth, and not the type of face-painting I did for my kids’ kindergarten class, no, really fabulous face-painting with sparkles and detailed designs. All of the stores also were having sales (as all stores do). I actually bought a blouse, and while I was checking out, I asked the gal if this celebration was only for this day–she said, yes, and it’s so much fun! But, what I was thinking was, oh.my.word. So much work for just one day. 

I got to thinking, I wonder if all that work for one day’s celebration is like other things these Norwegians do–like how the food in restaurants is presented so nicely, or how the coffee tables are set so beautifully for just coffee and cake, or how they use candles to make one’s home so koselig (cozy). Yep, probably is connected somehow.

Oh, and yesterday, I baked an apple coffee cake, and couldn’t let it be wasted on just us, so fortunately, after the Wednesday night Bible Study, some friends came over for coffee and cake. Yes, coffee until 10 pm. Not decaf. She brought over some roses from her garden.

Today, June 21st, is our grandson, Weston’s, first birthday! We are thankful for his life, his health, and his Godly parents.



Until next time, thanks for reading!


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