Jeg har…Vil du…Jeg ikke forstår…

“I have…Will you…I don’t understand…”

Whew. It seems that since my last post, I have attempted to speak more Norwegian than, well, since a long time ago.  We have been fortunate in the last four days to spend a lot of time with friends of ours, and since we are living in Norway, I feel as if I should at least try to speak the native language. Only problem is, I have never taken a real class in Norwegian. This can pose a bit of problem at times. For one thing, I seem to nod and say, ‘ja’ a lot. I try to read people’s faces–so when they look amused, I respond in kind. I do actually understand some words, really I do. I just interject additional words in my brain and make up the rest. Occasionally, this may have gotten me into trouble. But usually just some mild trouble. For example, on Thursday, a friend picked me up and we went shopping to two thrift stores (yay!), and when she asked (or so I thought) if I’d like to go have coffee at her house, and I said “ja”, we ended up at a very nice cafe on the nearby island of Jeløy, the Cafe Røed. We had a great time, and her cousin and daughter joined us. My friend bought my delicious onion soup and bread–she may have thought my just buying a cup of coffee was not enough.

So, on Friday, we were picked up by some friends and taken to the nearby seaside village of Son. Before we left for Norway, I had a hankering for some fish ‘n chips, so I did a bit a research on Trip Advisor and read that the village of Son had the ‘best fish ‘n chips’ in Norway. These friends were so kind to want to pick us up and take us there–we wandered the streets a bit before finding the place, but it was a delightful meal! Again, though, I am really trying hard to speak Norwegian as much as possible. Somewhat limiting in my making conversation, I find. Hopefully our friends are not finding me boring.

Finally, today, after church we all stay and have a cup of coffee and some tasty ‘julekake’ from the region of Hallingdal. We are invited by a good friend (you know who you are!) to have a ‘bit of food’ and ‘discussion’ after church and maybe a ‘short walk’. When a Norwegian invites you for a ‘short walk’, be prepared for a long hike. Just sayin’.  I think after the day was said and done, we walked about 5 km, but it was uphill! Both ways! Okay, not exactly both ways. Fortunately, we all took a break in the middle of our ‘walk’ at the cafe at Alby F 15 (on the nearby island of Jeløy) for, what else, coffee and cake! But, this was not just cake–it was the specialty of this particular cafe, kringler. And what was quite funny was, during our little break, Paul recognized and spoke with a student he had taught at the American College of Norway back in 2002.  Also, a young woman and her baby from our little church here came walking in and a couple we had not seen since our stay here in 2002 and who we had hosted at our home during that semester came walking in as well. So, all in all, we had quite the gathering at the cafe for coffee and cake. It seemed as if all of Moss had decided to visit Alby F 15 this afternoon.

The ‘bit of food’ was prepared by our friends, and I offered to bring my ‘broken cake’ I had made last night. The pan I used for this chocolate cake was a silicone one, and I had never used one like it before. Unfortunately, it broke apart while removing it from the pan–I figured gluing it together with ganache would work. Paul thought it not suitable for company, but I said yes. Plus, I covered it with strawberries and a dusting of powdered sugar, and voila! Good enough for company.


Six hours later, we arrived back home. Tired from our walk and satisfied with our ‘discussion’.

And, Happy Father’s Day, dear Paul! You have been a gift to our children and to myself.


One thought on “Jeg har…Vil du…Jeg ikke forstår…

  1. It all looks familiar but the fish n’ chips Debbie…I need to come back :O)
    Delightful times! Wonderful people! Beautiful memories!


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