Day 1

Yep. We are starting this new adventure today. Two months, living in a small flat in Moss, Norway with an equally spartan budget. I don’t know why or how we come up with these crazy ideas, but we do. I’d like to think that there was some divine intervention at work this time, mainly due to the perfect fit of the need of a family of Mennonite missionaries who are renting our house while we are away. They are attending the Wycliffe Summer Institute of Linguistics at UND this summer and needed a home for June and July-the exact months we would be gone. They are a family of 8 and our house fits the needs of their family perfectly. I think our house may be in better condition when we return!

We left our sweet dog, Rocky, with a daughter again, this time it was Rachel, and she lives in Fargo. He is getting up there in years, nearly 15, is somewhat deaf and arthritic, and she will take good care of him, just as Emily did three years ago in Florida.

We are also leaving our children, but they are hardly children now. In fact, as of just yesterday, we  are now the proud parents of all four kids employed, full-time, in benefitted careers! Whew! But, I digress.

Boarding our plane from DC to London will begin shortly. Excited. Exhausted. Etc.

3 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. So enjoy reading ‘your story’ – can’t wait to see pix and read more of your adventures.
    Greetings to everyone!!!


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