Gallerie Premier

So, what is the right word for the first showing of someone’s paintings? I couldn’t think of it, so I’m just going to call it a gallery premier. Our friends, Kirsten and Rolf, opened up their home this week and invited some friends for some champagne, dinner, and a showing of Kirsten’s paintings. Like Grandma Moses, who started her painting career late in life, Kirsten has blossomed into a very prolific painter in the past few years. I do not pretend to be any art critic, but I can say that she uses color and texture to create portrayals of nature that are as individual as the people who view them.

Champagne and art--a great combination.

Champagne and art–a great combination.



Our friends here in Moss have such a keen appreciation for art and paintings. We have been in their homes and every one has several original paintings, usually with an interesting story about the artist. Paul and I hope to take an ‘original Kirsten’ home with us come May, and we, too, will have an interesting story or two to share about the artist.

It was great being able to visit with friends at this 'private showing.'

It was great being able to visit with friends at this ‘private showing.’

Not only was there champagne, but we had a delicious dinner of smoked salmon, eggs,  spinach, potatoes, and French bread. And there was a fabulous mustard sauce for the salmon and eggs which I was told was sold at our local market, but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Smoked salmon with eggs.

Smoked salmon with eggs.

Art aficionados, all.

Art aficionados, all.

Finally, for dessert, served at the coffee table (of course) we had a traditional Norwegian dish called tilslørtebondepiker, or ‘veiled farmer’s daughter. It consists of a layering of what seems to be crushed graham crackers, apples (or, in this case, pears as well), and whipped cream. We’ve had it several times so far, and we have not grown tired of it. I thought the glass serving dishes with dolphin pedestals were so unique.

"Veiled Farmer's Daughter"

“Veiled Farmer’s Daughter”

Once again this dinner party lasted hours and everyone enjoyed sharing their stories.

View of the Ostfoldfjord from the deck of this 'art gallery'.

View of the Ostfoldfjord from the deck of this ‘art gallery’.

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